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In the Simposium Plato talks about the Androgynous, a being that is composed by two bodies, male and female, that is stronger than any God. Separated in two, male and female, by the envy of the gods, the androgynous was not a menace anymore. How could this legend be transported to modern times? Where the opposites fight against each other and seem an able to walk in a same direction. This video is not only about relationships, but about strengths and power. Opposites that try to communicate, but look at different directions.


This video comes from a performative research of the inner self. We carry inside different feelings and different personalities that are often in contrast with each other. With a symbolic performance I created, visually, this inner struggle that each one of us try to hide from the external world.


This work is about the duality of the artist. There is the everyday man in a continuous fight with the inner self. Sometimes one part takes over the other, expressing hidden emotions and states of the soul. Anti-thesis is indeed the vision of both parts.


The word Fragile contains inside itself the word Agile. This means that inside the state of fragility, that is a characteristic of the human being. Inside each person, even in a state of fragility or imprisonment , there is a strong need and aim for freedom and action. The video Fr-Agile is a reflection of this need. A dream of freedom of an imprisoned body.


In a world that is destroid an abandoned church, Symbol of a society and a religion that was not able to give answers, a new life is rebirthing. Humans or maybe souls are come up from a tomb that becomes womb. The new birth comes from the water, from the color white, signs of a purity and a page that yet has to be written.


In Latin the word “Persona” represents the actors mask and the character the he interprets. This work is about the mask that each on of us wears in life in order to relate to others. Its about searching the truth in the other person. The only way to find that truth is to go over the mask. The act of pealing the mask off is a symbolic performance executed by the artistic group Con.Tatto ( Leoni & Mastrangelo) in the search of the others true self.


Although TV and internet give us the possibility to see images from all over the world and learn in just a few moments what is happening in other places, we are becoming indifferent. Contemporary society is creating self- centred people who see but really don’t care, who knows but doesn’t make anything about it. In this video performance the Con.Tatto group reflected on this situation with a special attention to the facts that filling the news paper news: wars, woman’s conditions and the lack of vision of the ones who are leading the nations of the world.


A dichotomy is any splitting of a whole into exactly two non-overlapping parts, meaning it is a procedure in which a whole is divided into two parts.


Equi-librium. A latin word that is composed by “equi” (same) “librium” (weight). But what is the real meaning of that word inside one self, inside a couple, inside a space? How can the chaos become equilibrium? This is a work about the search of equilibrium.

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