Equi-Librium | Rapid Pulse 2015 Chicago USA

On June 5th and 6th, Rapid Pulse will feature two evenings of performance art-based videos that aim to showcase a vast range of styles and forms of performance art, especially those that are innovative and experimental; the video series component of the festival does just this. This series consists of performance works for the camera in which the lens is an integrated and essential element or the action is impossible to present live due to site specificity, extended duration, scale, or other concerns. Curated by Giana Gambino and Julie Laffin, with assistance from Samantha Yiyao Chao.

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SAT 06 JUNE: Anxiety and Other Ways of Being

“Anxiety and Other Ways of Being”, features works that expose the universal angst around psychological dualities that exist within all cultural contexts. The polarities between being vulnerable or self-assured, powerful or powerless, and dominant or subjugated are inevitably being played out- essentially literalized by individual beings in a world immersed in, and always dependent upon, hierarchy.

 Anxiety and Other Ways of Being: SAT 06 JUNE

  • Adel Abidin- “Ping Pong,” 2009, (3:44)
  • Cara Megan Lewis- “One Side Will Make You Grow Taller, and The Other Side Will Make You Grow Shorter,” 1989/2014, (4:35)
  • Elena Tejada-Herrera- “Man with Toys” (6:42)
  • Maarit Suomi-Våånånen – “In A Musty, Misty Thicket,” 2012, (12min)
  • Con.Tatto | Davide Mastrangelo e Francesca Leoni – “Equi- Librium,” 2014, (4:27)
  • Alexandra Lerman & Pieter Schoolwerth- “Make Up. (Scene 2Your Vacuum Sucks (“Make Up”: Scene 2)”, 2014, (4:21)

ADEL ABIDIN, ALEXANDRA LERMAN and PIETER SCHOOLWERTH, CARA MEGAN LEWIS, ELENA TEJADA-HERRERA, and CON.TATTO search for alternative ways of being. Adel Abidin and Elena Tejada-Herrera dissect relationships based on power. In “Ping Pong”, a woman is central to the game being played and yet remains immobilized between two competitive men. For Tejada-Herrera, there is the tension between the artist and model or employee and employer. Similarly, Maarit Suomi-Våånånen creates a post-apocalyptic narrative that celebrates the madness of a master-slave dynamic. Cara Megan Lewis’ video parallels Tejada Herrera’s; Both address the experience and burden of bodily awareness in relation to adolescence. While Lerman and Schoolwerth also create a metaphor for human self-awareness, the central character attempts to negotiate existence through visual absence. Lastly, Con.Tatto’s, “Equi-librium” summarizes the themes of this screening, visually laying out the struggle and desire for balance enacted through the social bodies of a duo and the decaying industrial landscape that surrounds them.



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