Jeune-Fille #1

In French “ jeune-fille” is an expression used to define young women, expression of youth and femininity. In the text of philosophic group Tiqqun, this word, however, takes on a much deeper meaning, which is born of the defeat of the theory of feminism and covers a society where the human being is to become an everyday commodity. The jeune fille then it becomes a good living, walking, talking and can, as every thing be sold.

The jeune fille society is directed to the appearance of the human being as consumer and consumed by an aesthetic ideal that hides nothing more behind the simple appearance, but a complete blank. “The jeune-fille now sells its seductive force, as once men sold the labor force”, “ if money is the king of things, then the jeune fille, is the queen”.

The jeune-fille is fashion, political power, the obsession with looks, youth, eternal tendency to have total control over his own body, and not the opinion being. Building on this concept, the Con.Tatto group created during the residency at FONLAD festival in Coimbra, a performance that summarizes, in some points, the theory of “Jeune-fille”, working on some everyday actions they do, each one of us, a bit jeune- fille.

The presentation will be accompanied by a series of phrases and video images essencial in artwork and poetry of Con.Tatto. An action that will, for the first time, a group of young people who have been given part of the performance, which through the action seeks to make a critical and self-criticism to jeune fille that is dominating our society, jeune-fille that is hidden, more or less, in each of us.

Performed at

Fonlad # 10 – PAVILHÃO CENTRO DE PORTUGAL – Parque Verde do Mondego – COIMBRA