In this reinterpretation of Michelangelo’s Pietà, the figures in flesh and not marble.

Present, under the eyes of the audience, live. Tipping is not accidental.

A young boy, Maybe a “street kid”, an outcast, holds a woman in his arms, showing her to the pubblic. It is the woman, a wealthy, socially placed persona, that martyred by the contemporary world , but she is also the Saviour. Observing the original work of Michelangelo, few people notice the fact that Mary holding up the Christ is actually depicted by the artist as a young woman, as Christ has his real age (33).

This concept is evident and has been kept in the performance created by the Group Con.Tatto.

The whole work consists in Photography and a live performance of the Pietà. The works has to be performed in dark room, where, in one side the audience can see crearly the photo and, in the other side, the performer are in the dark. A spot light, managed by the spectators, allows, depending upon their choices, to enlighten only the details of the figure. This is a Work based the the concept of life and death, the beauty and the dramatic fatcts of the contemporary world, that are observed by most with compassion, indifference and a sort of voyerism.

Performed at

Live performance on a shop window “ Artisti in vetrina”, Centro Lungosavio, Cesena ( June, 2013)
Sifest Off ( Savignano Immagini) – 2013
Family Strangers – Organized by Anonimiartisti- Ramada Plaza – Milano 2014




Cartolina SI FEST OFF 2013 pietà live




Pietà Ramada 2013