Wo(Man) #1

This work is composed by the projection of two video ( Fr-agile and Anti-thesis) and a performance live. The action starts with the projection of the first video Fr-agile, that talk about transcendence and search of mental freedom of the individual. The live performance sees two individuals tied by a white tissue.

Each on of them is pulling the white tissue in the opposite direction. Its a physical action of strengths, opposite forces and loss of equilibrium.

It’s a symbolic action, without words. This is a work about the loss of energy, relationships, the search of ties and freedom. Once both performers are no longer tied by the white tissue, the action ends, and the second video starts.
Anti- thesis is a video action about the artist/contemporary man, in the search of its own self.

Kme 2014



Wo(Man) Cagliari KME

Wo(man) dimanche rouge

Wo(Man) KME

Wo(man) paris